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The sun has in space
Some spot in the sun
And inside it’s insanely
For it shines like a ball
Of fire and soul
And nothing ever
It’s all infinite
It’s all sky, stars, and light
It’s all scary as hell
And yet the sun shines.
It shines for you my love
You’re the only reason
It gets East in the morning
And then West in the night
You’re the only person
Who makes it rise and fall
Every day is the same
Move and the game never ends
For every night I drop my heart
At your feet.
The sun is lonely sometimes
It shrinks in self-pity
It waits for you to smile
Back at him
And those days it rains
For you won’t oblige
And I feel the sadness
In the air
When your face is drawn
In fear and resentment
The sun won’t heat my world
And it stops
But when you dare look up
And bath into its light
O how my heart beats fast!
It shines for you my love
You’re the only reason
It burns every day
Of my life
You’re the only reason
I could find to explain why
The sun rises and falls
In the night.


There’re odd places in this world
That I go to when I’m in pain
Dreadful places of comfort
That I poorly love to hate

What the truth tastes like

The first time I’ve been told the truth
It had a metallic feeling
A mixed feeling, more like an alloy
It tasted like blood, red iron
And yet it was all blue and luminous and fierce.

Balancing doubt

Doubt if any
Truth will come to me
Doubt it shall be
To bend my head down
to the Earth

The game of life

Sometimes I play games
Sometimes they play me
Sometimes I win games
Sometimes they lose me

Don’t be nice

Don’t’ be nice to me.
I don’t want you to be nice.
I want you to shine, to cry, and pour out your light into the world.