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The first time I’ve been told the truth
It had a metallic feeling
A mixed feeling, more like an alloy
It tasted like blood, red iron
And yet it was all blue and luminous and fierce.

The first time I’ve heard the truth was also the day my expectations died
You can’t keep them alive
At the back of your head
And listen to the truth
Somehow you have to choose.

The truth tastes like a fist
In your jaw
Like a tooth in your mouth
Like something you had been looking for
But didn’t expect to find
Until it found you.

The first time I’ve tasted the truth
I immediately knew
It was the first time and yet
It’s unmistakable
Like love
Like hate
Like pumpkin pie
You know what it is the moment it touches your tongue.

The first day I’ve heard the truth was a Friday
It was raining but not raining
The weather was undecided
Dancing with the wind
An ever-mending wound
Of melted clouds
And I felt lonely for the first time
Even though I no longer was
For that day I met a crowd of brothers and sisters carrying the truth along with me
They had been there the whole time
Only I couldn’t see them.

The truth tastes like a long lost friendship
You can’t remember clearly
Nor totally forget
It tastes like heaven
Born in hell
It tasted like the end of me.


There’re odd places in this world
That I go to when I’m in pain
Dreadful places of comfort
That I poorly love to hate

Balancing doubt

Doubt if any
Truth will come to me
Doubt it shall be
To bend my head down
to the Earth

The game of life

Sometimes I play games
Sometimes they play me
Sometimes I win games
Sometimes they lose me

I love you

The sun has in space
Some spot in the sun
And inside it’s insanely

Don’t be nice

Don’t’ be nice to me.
I don’t want you to be nice.
I want you to shine, to cry, and pour out your light into the world.