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A downtown bar
A reddish fire
Wood everywhere
Family chairs

Two jerks with drinks
They smirk I shrink
Crowds swallow me
Loud and chatty

I cross the floor
But I don’t walk
Unseen unheard
A tiny bird

I stand in fear
I know it here
Somehow I wish
Someone knew me

He stands in black
Wearing a cap
As if hiding
From the ceiling

He’s staring down
Eyes on the ground
His corner gaze
Scanning the place

A heavy mouth
Drags his face south
Bitten in shame
Bitter with pain

And our eyes lock
But he won’t stop
The intense play
He’s acting there

He’s no stranger
But I for sure
Am no longer
In his theatre

Friends invite me
To take a seat
They smile they hug
And I feel loved

But I don’t stay
Strolling astray
On a wide road
As he follows

Or is it me
Following him
At equal pace
Aligned and same?

Are we talking
Are we trying
I don’t hear you
Can you hear me?

I wish my ex would stop popping up in my dreams like an asshole.


There’re odd places in this world
That I go to when I’m in pain
Dreadful places of comfort
That I poorly love to hate

What the truth tastes like

The first time I’ve been told the truth
It had a metallic feeling
A mixed feeling, more like an alloy
It tasted like blood, red iron
And yet it was all blue and luminous and fierce.

Balancing doubt

Doubt if any
Truth will come to me
Doubt it shall be
To bend my head down
to the Earth

The game of life

Sometimes I play games
Sometimes they play me
Sometimes I win games
Sometimes they lose me

I love you

The sun has in space
Some spot in the sun
And inside it’s insanely

Don’t be nice

Don’t’ be nice to me.
I don’t want you to be nice.
I want you to shine, to cry, and pour out your light into the world.