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Don’t’ be nice to me.
I don’t want you to be nice.
I want you to shine, to cry, and pour out your light into the world.
I want you to be your best self.
I want you to be extraordinary.
I don’t want you to make me come.
No, I want you to make love to me and give all you got, deep from the heart and into the skin I’m now tearing open.
I want you to trust me with every cell of your worn-out body.
I want you to surrender at last.
I want you to make love.
We’re not making porn here.
We’re making it. Literally making it.

Don’t be nice to me.
I don’t want you to be.
Throw that polite smirky cloth away from your teeth.
Reveal the flesh underneath, the unforgiving wound we all wear since the day we were born.
Like the raw red of sex at dawn. Like the whining limp of an untrusted soul. The suffering of beauty made queen.
Don’t be nice.
There’s plenty of very good moments for being nice and now isn’t one of them.
Now is the time to rise.
Now is the time to collide against your expectation that I might expect something from you.
Now is the time to stand against the thoughts, memories, ghosts, delusions you’ve carried around since you’ve first met them, dangling from your mother’s breast.

Don’t be nice!
Be a fool. A mad one.
Be gullible and sweet and tender.
Be a genius, a king, a dictator.
Be a beggar, heavy load of emotions traveling loudly in the buzzing city.
Be grand, be proud, be wise!
Not nice.
Nice is for the muted sound of fearful resentment.
Nice is for the weak, the grey, the dull, rainy days.
Nice isn’t nice. Nice is meek. Nice is invisible and dehumanizing. Nice is cruel.
Be not nice to me. Be you.


There’re odd places in this world
That I go to when I’m in pain
Dreadful places of comfort
That I poorly love to hate

What the truth tastes like

The first time I’ve been told the truth
It had a metallic feeling
A mixed feeling, more like an alloy
It tasted like blood, red iron
And yet it was all blue and luminous and fierce.

Balancing doubt

Doubt if any
Truth will come to me
Doubt it shall be
To bend my head down
to the Earth

The game of life

Sometimes I play games
Sometimes they play me
Sometimes I win games
Sometimes they lose me

I love you

The sun has in space
Some spot in the sun
And inside it’s insanely